Toula Argentis, Founder and CEO

Toula Argentis

My name is Toula Argentis, born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, by Greek parents. My life has been influenced by the Greek culture as well as French Canadian culture. Growing up in the heart of Montreal, I was exposed to different foods due to the variety of cultures that the city has welcomed over the last century. This has allowed Montreal to become a cosmopolitan city that has many award winning restaurants featuring cuisines from all over the world. My mom was my first and most important influence and teacher in the culinary world; she was the one who taught me how to bake and cook from a very young age. I still have my first official guide and cook book from my teenage years. It is also one of the first books I used to start converting regular recipes to gluten free/dairy free recipes.

I find that food brings people together in a very special way. It connects us and allow us to share experiences, differences, tastes, cultures.

My education led me to enter the corporate world right out of college. But I never lost the love of culinary arts and the spirit of creating something of my own. After over 20 years in the corporate world I was thrust in full force in the culinary field due to the dietary and health issues that my children faced at an early age. I still consider myself the consumer when it comes to food choices, whether I’m shopping at the supermarket or eating out.

I started selling my baked goods at Farmers Markets in Marietta, Alpharetta, Roswell. Customers loved what we had to provide; they were happy that they did not have to eat frozen breads, desserts, cakes and pies. Plus, we not only provided gluten free options, but our desserts are dairy free; others are egg free (vegan) and we started a Paleo line since customers were asking for Paleo products.

2B Whole represents a personal step towards wholeness and balance in one’s life. We believe that eating well allows one to feel well, function well, and thus thrive emotionally, physiologically, spiritually. Our family has experienced this with the dietary changes we have made over the last decade. We now wish to share this experience with you!